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King Xerxes

King Xerxes
Welcome to the site of the Soturies. We're a humble community can role play, chat and have fun.

What are Soturies wrote:The Soturie are huge wolves with different and sometimes ornate horns atop their head. Their tails are varying in length and style, but all are whisp-y and horse-like. All Soturie have one set of horns. However, the Royals and their chosen heir, have two sets(the royals being the King, Queen, and 1st born heir). This second set comes into being by a magical ceremony conducted by the Shaman. It is similar to a coronation.

The Soturie have the unique ability to wield a weapon. This weapon is used to aid them in the battle against the dreaded Felidae.

Before you get started read the rules! Be kind, and no fighting please. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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