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May Event Masterpost

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1May Event Masterpost Empty May Event Masterpost on Fri May 08, 2015 6:09 pm

Esme & Garrus

Esme & Garrus
Star Helpers
Star Helpers
Welcome to the May Event
It has been months worth of scorching heat sense even clouds have graced the sky. A drought, it has been dubbed by the Council, and has plagued the Kingdom with many problems.

It is the morning of the 10th that the scent of rain becomes ripe in the air. Rain is on its way. Yet, it does not arrive until the 15th. It begins simply, a light drizzle that nearly all rejoice in.

Soon the rain turns savage. A downpour the hits the parched ground so violently that the rain raises clouds of dust. Then, suddenly, the wind picks up. The wind tosses tree branches to-and-fro. Cold air meets heat in a terrifying dance that can only mean destruction.

Several tornadoes and twisters ravage the forest territory. Trees are uprooted. Sentry stands are leveled. The Council Common Room's exits are obstructed by felled trees and mud - the council is trapped inside.

Without a healer and supporting leadership, all must turn to the King, Xerxes, for guidance in these trying times.

Or will prejudice turn the Kingdom towards further ruin as many turn to Cinna?

The fate of the pack lays in the paws of the pack itself.

The Event roleplay will be a three-phase event.

The first phase is dealing the the drought and waiting for the rain that has been scented. It is important plot-wise that no one with the gift of foresight see it coming. This phase is active from May 10th - May 15th.

The second phase is the gentle mist and terrible destruction. Many of the scouts will be away at sentry posts. At most, two squads of guardians will be patrolling. All of the council will be within their common room. This phase deals with their reaction to waiting out the destruction. This phase is active from May 16th - May 20th.

The third phase is reconstruction, reaction to the destruction, and rescuing the council. This phase is active from May 21st - May 31st.

Oh no! Your Sovereigns have been scattered in the storm!
(You are not allowed to use your sovereigns to auto-win)

Owner-Only Cooperation Adoption
Owner AND Non-owner Horn Design Adoption
Event Roleplay
May Event Discussion

( Xerxes and Esme are barred from participating in the adoption due to being judges.)

(Anyone, regardless on how many open slots you have, you can try-out in the adoptions.)

Questions and discussion belong on the May Event Discussion thread.

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