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May Event - Owner-Only Cooperation Adoption - OPEN

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Esme & Garrus

Esme & Garrus
Star Helpers
Star Helpers
May Event - Owner-Only Collaberation Adoption
(Two members work together to win this mated pair)

Ends May 25th
Winners will be posted on May 26th

May Event - Owner-Only Cooperation Adoption - OPEN ImageMay Event - Owner-Only Cooperation Adoption - OPEN Image


Standard adoption rules; Don't steal, etc.

Only one member to the team needs to post a form, but it must have both members CS usernames

Delete everythinging parenthesis.

Feel free to decorate your form.

No word limit.

Addon limit of 2.

Wants the Female: (CS usersname)
Wants the Male: (CS useraname)
Female's Name:
Male's Name:
Female's Personality: (3+ words & explination)
Male's Personality: (3+ words & explination)
Story: (Must be on the pair's history together)
Art: (Optional. Delete catagory if no art is provided)
Extra 1: (Optional)
Extra 2: (Optional)

Rukh ~ Asuna

Rukh ~ Asuna
Wants the Female: Emma-Chan
Wants the Male: Mortikat

Female's Name: Ruya (Means Dream in Arabic )
Male's Name: Asim ( Means "Protector" in Arabic)

Female's Personality:
Eccentric - Finicky - Uneasy - Tentative - Skeptic
Ruya has always been and uneasy soul, she often takes a lot of work to befriend due to her lack of confidence. Her day dreaming and and aloofness often gets her labeled as Eccentric or unusual only to add to her confidence issues. Often slow and tentative it takes a great deal of someone pushing her to go through with any actions, It is often that Asim is never far away from her always watching. He is her spine and often times would be lost and more unsure of herself without his guidance and patience.

Male's Personality:
Selfless - Protective - Kind-Hearted - Amiable - Gullible
Asim is a kind soul, who by all means gives himself to others easily. He likes to help and do what he can, even if it means more stress on him in the end. Being kind and selfless is not always a good thing. Because of this, he's slightly gullible as well as easily manipulated into siding with one thing or another, and in being so amiable, he's not very assertive. However, the one thing in his life he's not easily swayed with, is in caring and protecting for his mate and their daughter. He has a fierce desire over the two and he refuses to let them be hurt. He'll die before letting anything hurt his mate and child.

Story: (Must be on the pair's history together)

Art: (Optional. Delete catagory if no art is provided)

Extra 1: (Optional)
Extra 2: (Optional)


Star Helpers
Star Helpers
Since the end date has passed on this and forms are not complete, these two I believe will be moved to CS to be adopted eventually. Though with how it has been recently adoptions may be delayed for another future event. They will be adopted separately.

I hope in the future things do go better, Id hate for them to not find homes.

If either of you are still fully interested in adoption the these two, I want to see a complete form within a week, by the 8th(since the pup adoption got extended till then). If not, then they will be adopted on CS.

May Event - Owner-Only Cooperation Adoption - OPEN Tundra2_by_neara_works-d8m9tpm
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