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A Companion for a Broken Soldier (Nike and Dusk)

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Spyros & Nike

Spyros & Nike
Nike hobbled along, staring in wonder at how tall the trees were. She longed to hop in one but knew she couldn't with her leg at the moment. she kept going, the young fae not really thinking much of her surroundings as she thought about the nursery and the recent weather. Her thoughts then strayed to Shaw, her hero. Shaw took them in after what happened to their parents and pretty much raised them. She was so amazing, always helpful and so smart, Shaw always told her exactly what she needed to hear and always saved her in the nick of time. Apparently she'd acquired a habit of getting herself in trouble.

Speaking of which.... Nike zeroed in on her surroundings, noticing how sparse the trees where getting and how much more desolate it seemed. "Oh man... I did it again..." She mumbled to herself looking around stupidly. She was now lost outside of pack grounds. She turned and saw a figure not big enough to be a felidae, but another sot, so she quickly scrambled forward on three of her legs and called out, not thinking there was any sots other than the ones in Xerxes pack, after all the king had taken in what poor few survived in mr.Cinna's pack. "Hey! Wait up!" She called out, her voice bright and optimistic as usual as the small brown fae ran, well hopped, towards them.

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