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Chained of Heart and Soul - Freya - Assassin of Arion

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Chained of Heart and Soul - Freya - Assassin of Arion Journey_by_ootundraoo-d8fb4cq

Name: Freya is her birth name

    Name Meaning: Meaning & HistoryFrom Old Norse Freyja meaning "lady". This is the name of the goddess of love, beauty, war and death in Norse mythology. She claimed half of the heroes who were slain in battle and brought them to her realm in Asgard.

Gender: Female
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personaity trates taken from
Positive Traits

Neutral Traits

Negative Traits
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The story:(getting it started is always the hardest XD)
Every life has its beginnings, some hard, some easy, its how you live within its span that makes it important

The air crackled with thunder, the clouds above letting go their heavy load of cleansing rain. Blood covered the ground, bodies lay motionless in the chill that the rain brought. But not all was lifeless, a fae, her muzzle covered in blood, side heaving violently as her eyes went wide in fear. "No, not now!" she thought to herself as her body began the motions of birth. Another heave caused the fae to close her eyes in pain.

But, she wasn't alone, no, there was another there. A massive male walked over and laughed staring down at the helpless fae, his massive paw stepping on her muzzle. "Not so tough now are we Tenari" He leaned in close and said more quiet "and now, as much as you have fought, as much as you have worked to stop me, not only are your lands mine, your pup will be as well!" The Sotuire let out a bellowing laugh, many more gathering around the fae and laughing like a pack of hyenas. The fae, despite her pain and contractions raised to her paws saying "YOU won't get your way Erebus! The pack will not submit!"

She snarled but was quickly slammed to the ground by Erebus "Now, now, dear!Your pack, is dead, and you, shall soon join them" His teeth spread into a smile as he drew them closer to her bare neck. Tenari could only lay still as another wave of pain engulfed her body. She could feel the small form of her pup slide free, but she wouldn't live to see her grow.

Jaws latched around Tenari's neck, a blood filled snap could be heard as Erebus's teeth clamped down hard. Blood gushed from the wound, Erebus then lifted her by the neck, and shook snapping every bone in her neck. He threw her form to the side and laughed, dancing around in delight at the kill. But he soon calmed down, his posture becoming serious.

He walking over to the small pup his head raised as he looked down on the now whimpering form of the pup. "Daughter of Tenari, born this day with a pelt of flame. You, shall be mine forever" He smiled before, he waived for one of the males to take the pup to a surrogate mother. "What shall be her name Erebus?" the male asked as he picked up the pup and turned to walk away.

Erebus tilted his head, as if to think. "Her mother was a valiant warrior, even if I hated her guts for not agreeing to my terms. The pup shall be named Freya" He chuckled and it faded into the night as the pack took over these lands.

Chained of Heart and Soul - Freya - Assassin of Arion Divider_3_by_ootundraoo-d8fbauc

The moon above blared its unrelenting rays down on the land before it. The sky, covered in clouds sent down a angry torrent of rain soaking the land to the core. It was as if nature itself was punishing the forms below, grunts and groans sounded the air as the wolf like forms pushed rocks and other debris into a rockfall trap. This was what was ordered of them, for they were prisoners put to work by the overlord of this cruel prison.

A form, in the comfort of an overhang snapped out "PUT YOUR BACKS INTO IT YOU WORTHLESS SACKS OF FLEAS! " He snapped his fangs, but it was obvious he wasn't about to leave the comfort of the dry overhang. The Soturie before him pushed with all their might, shifting a large log into place before the male shouted again. This was their daily work, better than rotting in a cell they thought. The lands before then had become scared, scorched and almost barren of life. Compared to its once vibrant life, this was quite the change.

Freya, the only remaining living descendent of that pack, pushed a rock into place before slipping and causing the almost complete trap to let go. Below, the chained Soturie barely had time to get out of the way, and one wasn't so lucky as its form disappeared under the debris. Freya stared down in shock, unaware that the male brute that had been staying dry was coming up on her quickly. His fangs sank in, her eyes went wide as she was lifted and thrown into a wall not far off. "You pathetic worthless mutt! ALL THAT WORK gone! Now you, and all the chained shall not get food tonight. In fact, I feel it best that you all FIX what she just destroyed!" He smiled, the blood on his fangs from biting Freya very visible. He licked the blood off and shouted "Well? GET BACK TO WORK!"

To say the least, Freya's day didn't go well after that, as many wolves took out chunks of her fur, one even ripped half of her beautiful mud soaked tail off. All she could do was keep working, despite the immense pain she was being put through for a simple, understandable mistake. When her, and the others were finally put back in their jail caves, she was chased into the corner, away from everyone to freeze. It was hard, but a fact a life here. Mistakes, lead to pain, and usually death in the end.

Chained of Heart and Soul - Freya - Assassin of Arion Divider_3_by_ootundraoo-d8fbauc

Almost a year had passed since Freya's last mistake, which was a major accomplishment in her eyes. The guards had become more lenient with her, but she felt it might be because of something else. She found herself separated from the usual crew she had been working with for the past year. She stood there, her tail between her legs as she looked around, afraid she had messed up and was about to be punished. That was the only reason why people were separated, and once they were...they were never seen again. She whimpered and yanked a bit at her chains which bound her.

From the shadows walked Erebus, his massive muscle bound structure walked up to her head held high and fangs bared. She quickly pushed her head into the ground and showed her belly, submitting to the warrior she had always known as the Alpha in this pack. He seemed to accept the submission, letting her come back to her paws after a few. She looked at him scared before he finally spoke "Curious why your here?" He tilted his head slightly as if expecting an answer from her. But he quickly continued "you're here, because you have performed highest in your group, and, my pack is in need of gaurds. I have chosen you as one of my four gaurds, be grateful." He seemed to growl slightly before pulling out his sword, and slashing strait down on the chains that bound her back paws.

"You will be trained, but shall still have the chains that bind your front paws in place. Cant have a runaway now can we?" Freya quickly replied "no sir, i mean never sir..I" Erebus laughed at her jittered voice before waving his long tail "Follow these two, they will get you your Harness and weapons, and training shall begin tomorrow. BUT" He suddenly pinned her to the ground, his fangs inches from her eye "YOU are still a prisoner, never forget that, YOU will never leave here" All Freya could do was not before she was hauled off by the males to be taken care of.

Chained of Heart and Soul - Freya - Assassin of Arion Divider_3_by_ootundraoo-d8fbauc

About six months had past since Freya was removed from the usual hard labor of things. Today, she lay near Erebus as he watched over the other workers as they created more traps. On her she bore a bone harness made of what appearedd to be the same gold the accented her chains. Strapped to her side was a massive sword that brought the whole of the look together.  She was alert watching for any signs of someone moving to attack Erebus, this was her job after all.

After awhile he rose to his paws and began to walk away, the other three getting up and following him. Freya stalled somewhat, seeing a Sotuire try and run, having freed itself from his chains somehow. Hot on his tail were two guards, who once they caught him didn't take much time to tear into his flesh. Though Freya had been desensitized to this sight, it still made her heart skip a few beats knowing the poor soul would never see another day.

She caught up with the other guards as they returned to Erebus's cave. Erebus dismissed the male guards but asked Freya to stay. She figured she was in trouble for delaying behind when Erebus had originally moved off. "Im sorry I delayed, it wont happen again sir" She had lowered her tail, but it wasn't between her legs anymore. Not like when she had started, she was indeed a higher rank, but not equal to Erebus.

Erebus seemed to ignore her words, rising to his paws from where he had laid down and walking over to her. Freya could see something was, different about this meeting. Erebus circled her a few times, before finally speaking "Freya, thats your name right? Do you know what females are for? in Soturie society?" He paused in front of her, his head raised and one of his eyebrows raised questioningly. Freya's brow furrowed slightly as she spoke confused " sir, why do you ask this of me?"

Erebus seemed to smile at her ignorance, knowing she hadnt had the helpful paw guidence of a mother. "A fae has one job, to please the males" He got close to her his fur rubbing on hers "do you know? how to plase a male?" He knew she didnt know this answer either. He quickly and skillfully moved behind her and raised onto his back paws wrapping them around her chest. Freya, quickly lowered her hind end and tucked her tail her eyes full of fear and shock "What are you doing!?" She tried to move forward but he followed her, she curled her fangs out and growled. This wasnt right, the weight on her back, the heat emitting from her body and his. She snaraled again as Erebus seemed to just Laugh.

She wasnt about to let him do this, instinctavly, with all her training at once she twisted and grabbed her sword slicing it across Erebus's chest. He yelped in pain and fell backwards, shocked that she had fought back. He growled "Your just like your mother" He then lunged at her. She swung the sword again which caused Erebus to stagger and fall again. She backed off her tail still tucked before getting the smart idea of using her sword to cut the chains on her front legs. Now she could move! which was good since Erebus was charging at her. He shouted "YOU ARE MINE!" Again Freya swung her sword, catching his shoulder and spinning him, but he lashed out and grabbed her leg pulling her off balance.

She quickly retaliated latching her muzzle around Erebus's neck, cutting off his airway. Erebus's, who thought he had the upper hand, eyes flew wide as he realized he could die right now. Freya, held her teeth there, watching as he began to struggle, a hidden rage and hatred bubbling forward and spilling over. She clamped tighter as he began to try and get away, his movements becoming weaker, and weaker until he seemed to stop fighting all together.(Just to clarify, she didn't kill Erebus, she only caused him to pass out) She let go, her eyes wide in fear as she stared down at the male she had seen as leader for so long.

Why had she attacked? She didnt know. What she did know, was that she would be killed or worse if she didn't run. And, she did, grabbing her sword and gear and bolting away from the prison. Guards chased her, but she kept running, driven by fear, rage, and an urge to survive. They finally gave up the chance when she crossed the border, her sides heaving and her eyes wide. Still in her mouth she held the bloody sword in her maw before catching her breath. She returned it to its strap and continued into lands unknown. She never looked back, never wanting to look back.
(NOTE to the mods: I will remove anything needed if its needed. I didnt feel what i described was enough to warrant censoring it.)
Chained of Heart and Soul - Freya - Assassin of Arion Divider_3_by_ootundraoo-d8fbauc

Chained of Heart and Soul - Freya - Assassin of Arion Freya_complete_by_ootundraoo-d8ftiva
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