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All Charged Up (Nike and Harlem)

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1All Charged Up (Nike and Harlem) Empty All Charged Up (Nike and Harlem) on Fri May 22, 2015 7:32 pm

Spyros & Nike

Spyros & Nike
Nike chased the light fluttering through the leaves as the wind blew. She'd gotten distracted from what she was doing and saw the lights. The thought she felt someone watching and stopped, clearing her throat and standing up straight. She saw a tall tree and decided to climb it to see what was up in her surroundings and tried to look through the leaves and vines. "I wonder what Shaw is doing, or Blade, or anyone.." She mumbled aloud, trying not to slip. She could still climb with her injury, it was scarring over pretty well, some of it was already getting lighter toned and more healed. She nestled herself in the tree securely and swung her good back leg back and forth, before beginning to hum a tun she vaguely remembered.

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