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This is gonna be. LEGEN..wait for it....wait for it............DARY! - Project Suit up!

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Star Helpers
So basically I am holding my own little event. This event in itself isnt much, but is a big part of the Sotu race. Sotu have been always with weapons an harnesses, as part of their race. Sotu, who dont have these, are missing a part of who they are, their soul. A weapon is an extension of their body, and the harness an addition to carry it. Too many Sotu wander now without weapons, without Harness. This, is what this Event is.

Users who within the month, or by the end of JULY(yes 2 months) who have added their harnesses and weapons to their Sotu will receive a EXCLUSIVE, animation from me. This animation is simple, but ONLY users who enter this event will get it. To keep it fair I also provided an option for those who have already created their harness(s) and weapon(s). The animation will be posted here soon. 

To enter, just post your completed harness/weapon/art here!

And Yes Xerxes, you can enter. Even get one of Xerxes by doing art of him

Some rules and guidelines, only basic ones though
The Art prize will ONLY be of Sotu, no other character
Try not to copy others, keep in unique

Sotu who already have harnesses and weapons added can make a simple work of art ON CS to enter this. This will help promote Sotu on Cs as an interesting new species for users to join. Depending on how long you spend on the work will determine what type of animation you get.

For each Sotu you make the harness/weapon for, the more art you will get. Only Do harness or weapon, get a 1 step aimation. Make a weapon AND harness, you get a 2 step animation. Do both AND draw art of your Sotu, get a 3 step version of the animation. All 3 will be posted when complete.
Harnesses should follow the guidelines bellow, ones that don't, don't count as an entry, though do show you are trying

These Sotu are able to enter the harness and weapon part

Koidiak- Only The weapon part since you have done harness
more to be added...sorry, had to end here until I got links

These are not official, just my help for users having troubles with their weapons and harnesses. Practicality placed on a fantasy race XD

Harness Details:

The harnesses for Sotu are designed to hold their weapons, and keep the weapon at their side when charging into battle. So, it needs to be able to take the weight and momentum of the sotu wearing it. All you need is a breast collar to keep everything from sliding back, a girth, and maybe a back cinch. Padding for chest and back would make sense. It should also follow the center of gravity of the Sotu itself. 
HARNESSES ARE NOT TO RESEMBLE ARMOR, CLOTHING OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT..they are just harneeses. If you want to be fancy, the basic harness must still remain, but can have cloth and other accents. It should not be anything like armor.

Weapon ON harness guidelines: 

The weapons should sit in the center of gravity as well, and not hinder the movement of the Sotu. The weapon needs to be easy acces for the sotu, so they don't have to struggle to get the weapon free from the harness. Any weapon placed under a strap will be hard to access or not removable at all, and handles should not be facing the rear end of the sotu as they need to be what's at hand in the Sotu's time of need.
This in turn leaves the weapons to either being held by a sling like structure(seen on Freya, holding her swords tip), clips that button down and easily break free without damaging the harness(Aka snaps), or just being set on a holder that is attached to the harness and held in place by magnets(or just held by how the stand/clips/holster is created can hold the weapon itself).

Weapon Guidelines:

Pretty basic, weapons should be able to wielded in the moth/maw, and not be overly sized compared to the Sotu, Though there are exceptions. This means no bows, guns, whips(which require more movement then Sotu have), and most throwing weapons. Throwing Knives excluded, as they sotu can use the momentum of their body to get the throw to give its the needed distance.

Sotuire CAN have
up to 3 accessories

1 weapon

more weapons and accessories can be purchased with points here on Oscora

This is gonna be. LEGEN..wait for it....wait for it............DARY! - Project Suit up! Tundra2_by_neara_works-d8m9tpm
Art in signature done by the Lovely Neara/Quara User Icon done by me.

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