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King Xerxes - King of Heroes

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King Xerxes

King Xerxes
King Xerxes - King of Heroes Image

[Meaning: Leader/king of Heroes]


King - Highest of Ranks

He wilds a battle axe (and a two sided "arrow" axe. - WIP)
King Xerxes - King of Heroes Image

Centuries (c) Fall out boys
Warriors (c) Imagine Dragons
Monster (c) Imagine Dragons
Who We Are (c) Imagine Dragons

It all starts in the shadows of a cavern, with a young mother named Rhea and her beloved, Aidos. Rhea howled at the sharp birthing pain, only hushed by Adios. "Shhh...hush Rhea...the Felidae are so near I can hear there breath." The low voice was comforting to the mother, but she could not be quieted, for the pup was large and she was having trouble. "Aidos..please go. Get the shaman quickly!" The brute let a tear slip from his face, "Rhea the Feli..-" "NOW!" The females eyes where wide with fear and pain as she watched her beloved run deeper into the cavern.
"Eos! Your needed - NOW." The large brute growled in frustration when he found her sleeping. "I'm over 2000 years old Aidos, I will sleep when I'm the slightest bit tired." The old sarcastic shaman growled. "Come with haste Adios. Rhea is in great trouble..." The shaman left with speed for her age. At the door of the cavern she stopped and turned to Adios. "Keep must protect us from the Felidae." Adios stepped back, "But-." "NO."
Many hours passed with no help. "Rhea...push harder." The young mother pushed her last and she felt the large being slip away from her loins. Rhea sighed, "Wha...what is it?" "A male deary. Adios!" The old shaman spoke slowly with a tear coming down her scared face. Adios' face brushed Rhea's. "Its what we wanted...a king." Rhea laughed and sighed again. "His name is Xerxes, because he will be a king of heroes." Rhea looked at little Xerxes with a smile and laid her head to sleep. One that she would never wake from. After this Xerxes father died of sorrow, leaving the pup to Eos the Shaman in care of the King of Heroes.


"No deary, don't attack it like it has no soul. You have to care about the Felidae as much as you want to hate it. Warn it first child, if it wants to still kill you then you kill them first," Eos gave a toothy grin. Xerxes did as he was told, he gave a sharp growl, pretending that the wooden figure hissed he leaped hitting the figure with his staff. Once he looked back the figure was split into shards. "Well done Xerxes. It's time for my challenge. Dear this will be will be the hardest trial you will face. But you must learn to face your demons." Xerxes nodded his head. "Yes Eos, I accept your challenge." He bowed to Eos. "Bring me the heart of a baby Felidae." Eos turned and walked away swiftly. Xerxes gasped. Eos was not one to be so cruel...was her thousands of years finely catching up with her?
Blood dripped from his long pelt. His blue eyes wide his mouth gasping for air. He punctured his way threw the front lines of the Felidae guards of the swarm. He eyes met the nests, his body pushed himself into forward limp. Time stopped for him, this moment would haunt him forever, until the day his eyes close for the last time. He his eyes met his target, his challenge, his goal. A black, dark, monster, but it was also small and helpless, only a crying babe. Xerxes lifted his weapon, pulling it back until his neck popped from being strained. Then, his blue eyes met his target's eyes, large red and begging, begging him to spare its life. The sound of the sword clanking to the ground filled the caverns. Xerxes let his tears roll out of his eyes, he gasped for air over and over again, between his sobs. He suddenly felt every scratch and mark on his body, every little detail, all of the pain. Xerxes ran, ran as far as he could, as hard as he could.
"EOS! EOS!" His yells rang angrily over all the caverns. From ashes she appeared. "So?" Xerxes growled, "Do you think I'm monster?" his mouth grabbed his weapon and flung it at her. She slipped around it in a flash and was then behind him. "Your hurt..." "EOS! STAY ON SUBJECT." His anger boiled over he threw it again, missing again. "Xerxes. Why did I send you there?" Xerxes growled as thrust his axe at her once more, this time she had taken it into her jaws. Eos then thrust it into his chest. She let a tear fall from her blind eyes, as Xerxes gasped. He thengritted his teeth and pulled the blood covered weapon from his chest. His eyes wear wide and he felt his body swaying because the weapon had taken every ounce of his energy. Blood flowed from his heart down to his paws. It kept coming and coming. "You passed my test young had to have a pure heart to be a king..." At this time she was balling. Xerxes was know gasping for air, and his body was shaking from lack of blood. Eos stepped forward and pressed her head on his heart, letting his sticky warm blood cake onto her. A white flash, as though lighting filled the dark room. Xerxes cried out because pain filled his chest so rapidly it had felt as though someone ripped the weapon out again.
Xerxes eyes began to open a week after the battle axe has been thrust into his heart. A female stood across the cavern...he cleared his eyes and saw Eos. "I thought you would never wake." Eos gave a small smile and touched his head with wet moss(after she had crossed the cavern) Xerxes jerked back but found he couldn't move his legs, nor could he talk. He was thin a sickly looking when he looked down at his body. Taking his mined off this he looked back to Eos and whimpered. "I'm not going to hurt you Xerxes. Ledgened has it that the shaman can save one life, for a painful death." Xerxes jaw loosened an he could know move his mouth, "Eos...I forgive you..." His voice was heard but was faint. 


Finding the Broken
(this story will feature three characters - Xerxes, Eos, and Freya)
Xerxes awoke with terror in his eyes, sweet on his paws. Yet as he looked around, soft shiny dust was at his feet - he was not sleep - he had "seen." He remembered a fae and a brute, but most of this dream like seeing was hazzy. Xerxes looked up to Eos, who was apparently reading his heart, "I've seen her before...her and that brute. He was there at her birth...but I think there mates?" His face pulled into a sick snarl, pushing his tongue out in disgust. Eos only shook her head and chuckled . "I wonder why you have only been seeing those two lately?" Xerxes sat up with a puzzled face, "I thought you would know Eos?" The old female shook her head again. "A shaman doesn't know everything, other Soturie must find out themselves. Or pay the price for no wisdom." The brute stood, bowing to stretch his muscles. "What made you so dang wise Eos?" A little chuckle came from the old fae's mouth, "Years of old age-anyway back to our duties. Esme suggested we go to the ruins, there's been a report of strange sounds there." Xerxes then rolled his eyes, "Since when have we started to obey pack member's orders?" Eos grinned, "Whats wrong with taking Esme advise? I think you young lady would make quite a good queen." Xerxes had a feeling that this mother(step) would say this, he only rolled his eyes. "She wouldn't just be a queen you know....-besides I need to find her myself. Love rules a pack, not the mind." Eos beckoned him to the cavern entrance, "Well lets go look anyway?" Xerxes narrowed his eyes a huffed, "Its a day's journey from here?" Eos gave a huge grin, "We're burning day light!" The older fae ran foreword - as fast as a very old blind lady could that is.
A cold wind whipped across the journeyers faces, whom had found there way to a small clear filled with lush green grass and a few deer starring at them from brush. "The ruins are up there, do you wish do go alone?" Eos blindly looked in his general direction. Xerxes only nodded, and ran forward. The ruins where dark and dreary when he made it there. He looked back down the hill seeing Eos waiting there. Xerxes quietly entered the place. A breeze whipped threw the air-

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King Xerxes

King Xerxes
(I thought I'd make a special place for his lineage)


------------------------------------------ SSS: [K][H]Christos
----------------- SS: [K][FB] Ajax
------------------------------------------ SSD: [QBM] Athena
Sire: [K][FB]Adios
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: [QBM] Alexios
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: [QBM]Rhea
------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DD: {HR}Anna
------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown

(4 generation lineage if you include Xerxes himself)

Cracking the king's lineage codes:
[K] = King by heritage - the heir to the king that was selected to become the king after fathers death
[KBM] = King by mate - Very rare to see because most heirs that a selected for kingship are male
[Q] = Queen by heritage - again rarer to see
[QBM] = Queen by mate
[FBH] = First born heir
[H] = Heir - one that was not born first (+[K] means that he was picked for king and became king even though he wasn't first born)
{HR}= High rank - respected in the pack

Pups out of Xerxes:

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