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Ly; Master of Scouts; Counsel Member

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Master Ly

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Adult; Unknown

Birth Day:
March 1

Ly's very dedicated to his role. He is immensely loyal and only wants what is best for the pack.  No matter the leader he is under; to him it is only the rest of the pack that matters. Since he was never close with his family, he views the pack as his family wants to do all he can to keep them safe, and that means enforcing the rules and delving out punishment if need be. He doesn't really show much affection towards others other than slight concern for their well being. He's also fairly blunt but very calm and mellow. He will not pick a fight unless it is needed and he knows when to surrender. He has a very strong sense of duty.  Typically stone-faced and unreacting, it is odd and really quite rare to see him with anything other than, especially if it is anger.  The golden-furred Soturie's patience never seems to run short and he is able to converse with any personality and make it out without a fight.





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Master of Scouts
Counsel Member

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Master Ly

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Master Ly

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“Hey! Atala, knock it off!”
My sister Ele yelled, her eyes giving a flare in them. I was sitting quietly, my father off dealing with some issues with Cinna, the alpha. Atala and Kodiak were fighting, again; Kodiak was the youngest brother of the family, and my cousin, along with Atala. I was their age, give or take a bit. They were two years old, and yet they still bickered and fought. I wanted to help Kodiak, but I prefered not to get into family affairs, and plus the fact I wasn’t even strong enough.
Atala was screaming at Kodiak, his face by his brothers, “SUBMIT! SUBMIT! I’M GOING TO BE ALPHA, SO SUBMIT!”
Kodiak was unamused, his paws out and holding his brother away from him, “The only reason you’re so dominant, is your losing so badly you can’t even see it. Now, get off me. I only listen to father.”
My sister had enough, and jumped in to stop Atala beating up Kodiak. Its something I would have never done; I’m a natural pacifist.
It was lucky I didn’t even do anything, because at that moment both my father and Cinna were walking back, and saw the scene go down; and father wasn’t too happy.
“Ele, get off Atala.” Haymitch grumbled, looking at my sister. Ele and I were close, especially since mother died when we were born; I tolerated her, and her flamboyant nature. She was a bit hot-headed in my opinion, but I never ever stood up against her.
“Father, it wasn’t Ele’s fault. She was saving me from Atala.” Kodiak said, brushing the dirt off his fur. He was quiet, and reserved; it was something I had learned when I first met him. I was a bit like him; and as they all went at it, I couldn’t help but remember Kodiak’s defeated, unhappy look from the first time I met him.

We were young, and didn’t know each other well. All I knew is that my mother and the rest of my siblings were dead; killed. We had cousins, but I didn’t know them that well. Uncle Cinna had three boys, and two girls. I didn’t really want to meet them; I’m shy, and not really social.
One of the younger, the youngest I had found out later, always getting reprimanded by Cinna; “Act like your rank, your my son, there are others who follow you…” and seemed really lonely. My father said that his name was Kodiak, and the one day Cinna brought Kodiak over to spend time with his cousins, as him and Atala got into an argument, and Kodiak refused to back down. He was competitive, and Atala’s stubborn nature clashed often.
“Father, please.” He had said, reserved, sitting there. Something seemed wrong with him; he was extremely quiet, and it seemed like he didn’t want to be here. It seemed like he didn’t want to be anywhere. Cinna merely whispered to him and walked off to take care of important business.
“Son.” Haymitch said, looking at me. I instantly looked up, after spacing out in thought.
“Yes, sir?” I replied. “Go and keep Kodiak company. I have to attend to some business.”

After my father said that, I sat next to Kodiak. We sat there, for a little bit. A while, actually; before he looked at me, studying everything about me.
Kodiak was testing me, he was trying to see something I couldn’t pick out.
“What’s your opinion on ranks?”
“What?” I replied, unsure what he meant. A bit surprised, too, to be honest.
“Your opinion on rank?” Kodiak said again, in even tones. We might’ve been pups, but he still had the endurance and audacity of someone older. I was taken by the fact he spoke. He never spoke, he just sat there still like a statue.
“Nothing of interest, for you. I’m of lower rank, and I don’t really have an opinion.”
Kodiak’s face gave an unhappy, disappointed look; the one I came to know rather well. It turned into a bit of defeat, before he merely flicked his tail.
“Quite brave of you, to speak to those higher than you with saying I have no interest in it. Ranking is quite important.” Kodiak said, looking away. I didn’t mean to put it that way. I was trying to be passive. “I’m sure that you and I will get along rather well. Provided you’re not out for heritage, or out for a free token up the totem pole.” He was rather blunt, his face solemn as he looked at me, however.
“I’m shy, I don’t talk much. And I promise I’m not out for anything. I just want to be me.”

This response, however, made him smile, and he gave a laugh.
“Good answer.”

As Haymitch and Cinna returned, Kodiak grew silent again, his slouching posture when he was with me immediately corrected to a straight, bold figure. Uncle Cinna took him back for him to sleep.

“Haymitch!” Cinna barked, looking at my father. I was brought back into reality.
“Take Ele back, I will take care of my son.” He said, and Ele gave a small groan.
“Come on, Ele.” I said, quietly. I waved good bye to everyone, and both my father and Ele had started to walk, as I followed them.
I loved my family, and I hoped nothing else would happen to us; because I loved both of them, even Ele.
by Crimsoned of ChickenSmoothie

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