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1Soturie Site Staff Empty Soturie Site Staff on Tue Feb 17, 2015 8:57 pm

King Xerxes

King Xerxes
Here you can find and get in contact with the Soturie staff, understand their job, and view the perks. .

TheOakTree / King Xerxes

Job; The administrator handles everything to do with the species. They handle all major decisions, answer questions, issue bans, plan events, release adopt-ables, and so forth.

Privileges; Number of Soturies this user can own ; ∞


Tundra / Freya/Pro/Khalid/Erebus
-Willow / Ly&Ortsy&Shaw

Job; Co-admin's job is very similar to that of the administrator, but on a smaller scale. All major decisions have to be discussed with the administrator first, but they are able to plan events, answer questions, issue warning, and release adopt-ables.

Privileges; Number of Soturies this user can own ; ∞



TheWolfsgirl90 / Sonu
Neara / Quara
Rohan. / Zeto
Mortikat / ValkyrielElelHaymitch

Job; Moderators are there to enforce the rules and answer questions. While they can not release adopt-ables often, they are occasionally allowed to release one as guest artists. They help plan event.

Privileges; Number of Soturies these users can own ; 4


Roleplay Moderators
Alaric Glöckner / Vögel/Bluternte
Emma-Chan / Rukh

Job; The RP moderator oversees RPs. They lock RPs if they are inactive for a month. They make sure out PG-13 rules are followed

Privileges; Number of Soturies these users can own ; 3


Newbie Helpers

Blueh/ Alyosha
Starlight109 /Bane
.The Bootless Box. - Spyros & Nike

Job; The Newbie Helpers guide the new owners about the site, helping them start and get intergrated within our community.

Privileges; Number of Soturies these users can own ; 2


Chat-box Mods - @:
@ King Xerxes
@ Esme & Blade
@ Freya/Khalid/Erebus
@ Ly&Ostry&Shaw
@ Quara

@ ValkyrielElelHaymitch


Looking for more RP mods and Newbie Helpers
Please PM me this form if you want to be one:

Username on CS:
Username on this site:
DA username: (note: you don't have to have a DA)
Your activity level:
Which job?:
Why do you want to be a (Newbie or RP) mod?:

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