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The King and the Valkyrie

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1 The King and the Valkyrie on Tue Feb 17, 2015 9:34 pm


Star Helpers
Star Helpers
It was in the dead of the night. A full moon hung in the sky above, and Valkyrie's paw steps were almost completely silent. She had no need for silence, she was in the pack's territory. Still however, her sometimes over analytic mind was something she hated, because it made her feel cautious even in friendly territory some nights. Her bi-colored eyes caught on the tree line in the horizon and she stood still, raising her head high as the moonlight struck her face.

Currently, her thoughts were of the newest assassin to their ranks; Freya. She was a curious fae, and one that Valkyrie didn't seem to like very much from the start. Still though, Valkyrie refused to pass judgement on her fellow fae until she knew more about Freya.

Flicking her shorter tail, and pinning her long ears back against her head, Valkyrie sat down on her haunches, bathing her pelt in the moonlight. Sure, sunlight and daytime were all well and good, but there was a still calmness in the dark of night, the glittering of the moonlight upon every cold surface and the way the stars twinkled with days long past.... Night time was the time Valkyrie enjoyed the most.

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King Xerxes

Xerxes ran after a small deer, which would be his dinner for tonight. His large feet thudded on the gold ground, the thuds getting faster as he picked up speed. He threw himself forward catching the small beast with his crash downward. He quickly began crunching on the small bird like bones. Something in the distant caught his eyes. Xerxes left the eaten body to spy on the being. He soon saw it was only Valkyrie, one of his faithful assassins. "Is something troubling you?"

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Star Helpers
Star Helpers
When Xerxes spoke, Valkyrie turned her face towards him, moonlight glinting off her eyes. The assassin dipped her head in respect to him and she replied softly, "No.... At least not at this moment, King Xerxes. I was simply enjoying the night time." The fae rose to her paws, flicking the bits of dirt from her tail as she did so. "Your catch was a good one." She may not have actively watched him, but she had heard it, and upon the King's arrival, she had seen his eaten catch in the distance.

"Though I wonder..." she started, "Does something trouble you, my King?" She had put an emphasis on the word 'you', as if Xerxes' arrival meant something was on his mind. There was often an ulterior motive to other Soturie seeking her out, and the King was not exempt from that crowd.


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