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Roleplay Rules

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Star Helpers
1 All content is to remain PG-13
- We are aware that there are older members here who might like to roleplay more gorey scenes and etc, however we have to keep in mind that there might potentially be younger users here as well who we would not like to expose to sexual content and excessive gore. With that being said, any roleplay that involves over excessive gore descriptions in scenes, any explicit sexual content in a scene (consented or otherwise), or any excessive swearing will have the offending post first deleted and the roleplay marked as having a warning, as well as the user who posted it have a warning as well. On the second offense, the entire roleplay thread will be deleted, regardless of the content of the rest of the thread, and more action will be taken upon the user. Basically, as a general rule, if you wouldn't want your Gramma knowing you typed it, don't type it.

2. No God-modding
- God-modding is a term used for when a user takes control over another person's character in their post, without consent, to make the other person's character do an action. Examples of this would be for Roleplayers B and A to have their characters in a fight, where RPer B makes the first move. In their response, RPer A retaliates with their character, and then takes control of RPer B's character to where the character takes a heavy or life threatening amount of damage and would therefore be unable to retaliate back. Whether through fights, every day actions, or anything else, taking control of someone else's character is not allowed (unless given express permission, and that permission must have evidence to back it up). Any post found violating this rule will be removed.

3. Be mindful of the images you use for your Roleplays
- Many people post images of their characters, or images in general in their roleplays for either character sheets or settings. However, Only art/images that belong to those posting them may be posted, or images from a free open source. Anything that is 'stolen' (art and images included) will be removed. That means, to be able to post an image, you must have either made it/taken it, or had it made for you by another person either as a gift or through a commission/request.

Rule Q&A;

Q: Pertaining to Rule 1; Can my characters have a romance through the roleplay?
A: Yes, romance IS allowed, but only to a certain extent. Any mating scenes that might come up should not be posted, and simply have the characters going to be away somewhere quiet for awhile. It might be obvious to us older users what's going on, however for the sake of our younger users, these types of scenes are not allowed. What IS allowed, is nuzzling, affectionate licking, touching fur, that kind of thing.

More Q&A will be added as people ask questions about the rules.

Roleplay Rules Valksig1_by_anastasiabecorah-d8ihpqs

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