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King Xerxes

King Xerxes
Felidae [or demon]
Danger level: High, kill on site.
Thirio [or beast]
Sub Speices Tapir_zpsd86481a1
Danger Level: Medium/High
Will charge if provoked
The heavy hooves and sharp tusks of this beast can kill or put your Soturie in coma. You must kill in angry state or risk much.
Taste: They taste good to most Soturies.
More info:
It really a lazy beast, is often found with moss growing on there backs. The male is much larger then the female and can have huge tusks, he will guard his heard skillfully and will kill for them. Keep FAR away from the heard in breeding seasons. Always keep weapon out when you are near a heard with a male guard.
Is mostly out in daylight.

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