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Rules and Regulations

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1Rules and Regulations Empty Rules and Regulations on Sun Feb 15, 2015 10:13 pm

Esme & Garrus

Esme & Garrus
Star Helpers
Star Helpers
If you are inactive, you will receive an activity notice on the first month, third month, and fifth month of inactivity. On the sixth month your soturie will be listed as MIA. If you continue to be inactive for one year, your soturie will be listed as dead.

If you are banned or quit from soturie, you must return your soturies. If you are banned or leave the community, you can not keep your soturie.

Each member, unless having earned another slot, will only be allowed one soturie.

The Soturie practically live forever unless they are killed in battle or by disease. This make it near impossible for us to have an age gap between mates. We just ask that you use your own discretion.

You must be registered on CS for a year before applying.

In the Soturie chat box, there is only to be polite discussion. There is to be no yelling. No fighting. Do not gossip about other communities.

Before any pair can have a little of pups, they must be mates for at least one month.

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