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Ashes and flames - Prometheus - Council member, master of the guard

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Star Helpers

Pro was born in a small pack, in fact within the lands that are currently Ciannas. His parents wanted him to strike fear into his peers, so named him Deimos, the word embodiment of terror/fear. He had one brother, Oblivion who would later father Erebus and Gethen. Pro didn't want to follow the paws his parents had laid for him, and rebelled, sacrificing everything he would have gained for a better good. In the end, when old enough he left the pack and changed his name to Prometheus, one who gave so much to give so little to the world. He has been a Vagabound every since. While wandering his magic started kicking in, and he himself only has self taught control of the fiery rage that is his fire magic.
Now, he is in Xerxes's lands, quiet and watching as he always is. Wanting to join the pack, but unsure how to go about it.

Working on him still, probably will have much more later on..but yeh..basically a summary of his poor long life.



Notes to self
Oblivion - Brother- mated twice, once with unnamed fae which resulted in Gethen and Erebus , 2nd with Ultima that produced Haste. Rest of History up to me I guess.

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