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Species Standards and Information

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Esme & Garrus

Esme & Garrus
Star Helpers
Star Helpers
What are the Soturie
The Soturie are huge wolves with different and sometimes ornate horns atop their head. Their tails are varying in length and style, but all are whisp-y and horse-like. All Soturie have one set of horns. However, the Royals and their chosen heir, have two sets. This second set comes into being by a magical ceremony conducted by the Shaman. It is similar to a coronation.

The Soturie have the unique ability to wield a weapon. This weapon is used to aid them in the battle against the dreaded Felidae.

Height: 60 to 80 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 190 to 250 pounds

How Aging Works
(From Cub to Ranked) - 1 Month in real life = 6 Months in species time
(From Ranked onward) - 2 Months in real life = 6 months in species time
6 Months (Cub)
1 Years (Trainee)
2 Years (Cadet)
4 Years (Ranked)

The Five Variations
Long Fur & Long Arabian Tail & Normal Ears - LF/LAT/NE - (Rare)
Long Fur & Short Arabian Tail & Arabian Ears - LF/SAT/LAE - (Uncommon)
Long Fur & Long Normal Tail & Normal Ears - LF/LNT/NE - (Common)
Short Fur & Long Normal Tail & Normal Ears - SF/LNT/NE - (Very Common)
Short Fur & Short Normal Tail & Arabian Ears - SF/SNT/LAE - (Uncommon)
Short Fur & Short Normal Tail & Short Arabian Ears - SF/SNT/SAE - (Very Rare)
The History of the Guardians of Oscora
Species Standards and Information Oscora2_zps123ac9d5
Long ago on a far away planet, the beautiful and peaceful land of Oscora was populated by a small tribe of humans. These humans brought with them a new species of wolf - the Soturie. These wolves were huge and hulking. Their purpose was to protect the tribe. Oscora already had a reigning force, the giant poisonous cats known as Felidae. The Felidae did not like the humans, and so waged ware against them. The Soturie fought valiantly for they were immune to the poison, but it was to late. The humans were dead. The Soturie drove the Felidae to the dead lands, a place of little prey and harsh weather. Now, the Soturie fight to keep the Felidae at bay. It is a never ending struggle that may never end.
Currently, there are two central packs within the land of Oscora. The elder of the two packs has a much more primitive rank system, and is rules over by an alpha. This pack rose to power over 30 years ago, but it did not remain in power long. 10 Years after the pack's founding the pack was over taken by Felidae. War was waged for a full year before the pack was able to regain control of their lands. It has taken several years for the pack to return to normalcy, but it is not longer seen as the super power it once was. It is attacks from within that the pack currently faces.
20 Years after the fall of the old pack, a new pack was founded by young Xerxes. The pack was established as a monarchy with a much more detailed rank and file system. The pack, is very much new and has yet to have its chance to prove itself as a true military force.
Xerxes eventually sought out the Cinna. He demanded that he surrender and merge his pack. Cinna, begrudgingly agreed. The two packs united under Xerxes' rule.
Den Site
Species Standards and Information 30kbp8w
(Please note that the dens are not as symmetrical as they appear in the image above.)
The Soturie live in the dense forest. In the center of the forest is ancient ruins covered in foliage and tree roots. The ruins run deep underground with many caverns, corridors, and grand halls. This is where the Soturie call home.
Earning a Weapon
Weapons are very important to the Soturie, for these weapons allow them to pierce the tough hid of the Felidae.
Once a cadet reaches a year and a half, they are to participate in 'The King's Challenge.' In the challenge, the cadet must complete three tasks. It is always a mystery what the task are, but one is devised by the King, another by the Senior Drill Instructor, and the last by the Council. Depending on how the perform will decide what weapon they will be given.

The King's Portion Always changes
The Shaman's PortionAlways changes
The Instructor's PortionThe Cadets are separated into teams of two. The pair has to survive a three and a half day's journey to a Felidae Hive at the gorge. The team has to kill a total of 10 Felidae.
Weapon and Harness Guide

These are not official, just my help for users having troubles with their weapons and harnesses. Practicality placed on a fantasy race.

Harness Details
The harnesses for Soturie are designed to hold their weapons, and keep the weapon at their side when charging into battle. So, it needs to be able to take the weight and momentum of the Soturie wearing it. All you need is a breast collar to keep everything from sliding back, a girth, and maybe a back cinch. Padding for chest and back would make sense. It should also follow the center of gravity of the Soturie itself.
Harnesses are not to look like clothes or armor. They are just harnesses. If you want to be fancy, the basic harness must still remain, but can have cloth and other accents. It should not be anything like armor.

Weapon ON Harness guidelines
The weapons should sit in the center of gravity as well, and not hinder the movement of the Soturie. The weapon needs to be easy access for the Soturie, so they don't have to struggle to get the weapon free from the harness. Any weapon placed under a strap will be hard to access or not removable at all, and handles should not be facing the rear end of the Soturie as they need to be what's at hand in the Soturie' time of need.
This in turn leaves the weapons to either being held by a sling like structure, clips that button down and easily break free without damaging the harness, or just being set on a holder that is attached to the harness and held in place by magnets.

Weapon Guidelines
Pretty basic, weapons should be able to wielded in the moth/maw, and not be overly sized compared to the Soturie, Though there are exceptions. This means no bows, guns, whips, and most throwing weapons. Throwing Knives excluded, as they Soturie can use the momentum of their body to get the throw to give its the needed distance.
Weapon and Item Slots
Each Soturie begins with a single weapon slot and three item slots. More slots can be bought using the Sovereign prize system.[
Regarding the ability to use Magic
It is believed that the ability to use magic is the result of a reaction to the poison of the Felidae, and that over time that reaction resulted in mutation that allows for the control of abilities similar to magic. However, Magic is very rare. Only 1 in 20 Soturie have the ability. The ability is varied greatly. Most, only have elemental control. Some have the ability to view the flow of time - relive past events and see he future.
The Enemy; The Felidae
Other Species
The Thirio
Danger Level ; Moderate - Is relatively docile, but will charge when cornered.
Taste Level ; Good - The meat is tough and does not appeal to some Soturies.
Danger Level: Medium/High
The Thirio are very large creatures, near twice the size of a medium sized Soturie. They are akin to the Earth's Tapir. Due to their lazy and unhigenic behavior, they are often found with moss and mold growing on their hides. The Thirio are herd animals; a male will guard his herd relentlessly. They are to be avoided during the fall rut. They are equip with heavy hooves and sharp tusk that protrude from their maw; these weapons can kill or seriously injure a Soturie.


Danger Level ; Moderate - Only the larger ones pose a threat to Soturie who decide to take a swim.
Taste Level ; Tolerable - They taste a lot like catfish. Many do no like the taste of fish.
Shardiks range in size to from a Catfish to a Great White Shark. Some live in large pods, other prefer to live alone. They are rather similar to the myth of 'The Loc Ness Monster'

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