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Suggestions and Ideas

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1Suggestions and Ideas Empty Suggestions and Ideas on Sat Feb 28, 2015 9:04 pm

Esme & Garrus

Esme & Garrus
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Here is a place for the community to offer suggestions on how to make the Soturie species and experience more enjoyable.

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I have an idea, but not quite sure how to go about describing it. Its more of a regulation regarding weapons and harnesses. Mostly focused on the harness, since there seems to be a misguided idea that a harness is anything that holds the weapon, no matter the type/thing it is.

A harness was originally designed to hold a massive amount of weight and remove its weight from a persons body. Yes the body still takes some of the weight, but its separated throughout the entire body, not just one area. Imagine carrying a box of bricks all bad your back would feel, if a harness was integrated, the weight would be spread through the entire back and even front.

Most commonly, a harness is used to move objects of weight beyond the weight/body mass of the wielder. These are the most commonly seen harnesses out there, ranging from use on animals to even humans. The most iconic being the sled dog harness
Suggestions and Ideas Neewa-Sled-Dog-Harnes
Harnees also are most often used when a horse is pulling a buggy behind it, as seen bellow
Suggestions and Ideas Harness23

The harnesses I have in mind for this race, when designing them are more like this
Suggestions and Ideas Genx-dog-harness1

A harness as described should have these features
A strap or feature that covers the breast, chest area and comes in front of the front legs.
A strap or feature that comes behind the front legs.
Straps that connect those 2 in some way. Usually seen as 2 straps, one strap on the back, one on the underbelly.
Padding can be added to create a more comfortable feel, but again, straps must be present.
Not to say these would be the only restrictions, as there can be more added to it. More straps can be added to allow the carry weight of the weapons.
Accessories and accents such as fabric can be added, and perhaps a bit of metal around the back and shoulder area, but the basic shape of the harness should remain at all times.
A harness, should not be a solid form, or similar to clothing etc. Its a holster, to hold the weapons of the Sotu.
ARMOR IS A NO GO! I can't emphasize this enough, it's too close to WOI. Its also, something Sotu don't have..

Some more sytlaized harnesses
Suggestions and Ideas Hipster-harness
V Carry harness, used for moving the animal or creature V
Suggestions and Ideas Image6621
Suggestions and Ideas Article-2117202-123C1329000005DC-496_634x513

Suggestions and Ideas Tundra2_by_neara_works-d8m9tpm
Art in signature done by the Lovely Neara/Quara User Icon done by me.

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I think there should be regulation on type of harness and what is and isn't allowed like armor.
Though If you want to get really technical with it and apply realistic attributes to it. The sled dog harness is made for pulling. Horse and buggy harness is pulling and weight barring. Soturie are not hulling their weapon behind them on a cart or sled so these "harnesses" would not make sense anyway.

What should be looked at is the strategic placement of dog backpacks and horse saddles. You should carry things within your center of gravity and for 4 legs that is usually in the girth area. As seen here:
Suggestions and Ideas ForcesintheGallop
Suggestions and Ideas Butterfly%20Center%20Of%20Gravity%20Image%20correct

So dog backpacks are correct for weight carrying since they lie in the center of gravity range.
Suggestions and Ideas Recreational-approach-dog-pack-ruff-wear-glacial-blue-1
Anything for the back legs would be more or less decoration.
All you need is a breast collar to keep everything from sliding back, a girth, and maybe a back cinch. Padding for chest and back would make sense. Weapons should be carried on the side for easy reach.

That's just my idea X3

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Esme & Garrus

Esme & Garrus
Star Helpers
Star Helpers
Okay so the word on our idea of doing away with the Queen rank but still keeping Freya high in rank is pretty much ha ha no.

So i guess we are still going to have to wait for Freya to give in on top fo waiting for lines

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