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" The circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant, its what they choose to do with the gift of life that makes them who they are. " Finnick & Aeon

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Aeon | Finnick | Ru

Aeon | Finnick | Ru
*shruggy* Just thought I'd make one for two of them.

Anyways yeah, I wanna rp my boys and hopefully build up some relationships with them D:

Anyone interested?


Star Helpers
Star Helpers
Who is Aeon related to? I know Ele and Finnick are cousins or some such thing but I dont think her and Aeon are related?


Aeon | Finnick | Ru

Aeon | Finnick | Ru
Aeon's not related to anyone X3 They could have a go at eachother if you're interested?

I'd also be up for a cousin'ly casual rp *wiggles*

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