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Peace by Tyranny | Finnick and Bluternt

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1Peace by Tyranny | Finnick and Bluternt Empty Peace by Tyranny | Finnick and Bluternt on Sun Mar 08, 2015 8:26 pm

Aeon | Finnick | Ru

Aeon | Finnick | Ru
The male walked into the tangled wood in which his kind as lived for as long as was recorded. The mask which mounted his face revealing nothing but his cold an unyielding eyes.
His harness hugged to his body, pulling flat the fur which happened to be under it. Each time he took a step his dull brown fur would shift over the leather, and then back under again in an unending rhythm.
He'd been coming back from... a mission. His fur was still wet from stopping at the river which split the western planes and the southern desert, cleaning his weapon and accessories of the blood which had painted it. It was cloudy that day, so he was still quite wet, but that was not something that bothered him in particular.

"And so said the child of the night, 'there are bad things in our world, but are there not bad things in yours too?' The spawn of the day then looked cross, an did not answer," he looked to the dusty white helmet strapped to his harness, one that he had achieved from the 'mission' " Taking the silence as confirmation, the child of the night then gawked 'Wow, what a perfect world you must live in.' "

The male shook his head, and snorted, such a simple childs tale holding great meaning such as this.

He rolled his eyes as he came upon a large tapir-looking creature with an open carcass. He stared upon the dead creature and growled a bit, and dropped his head, moving the mask from his face and then touching his nose to the carcass, and then biting into it.

He hadnt eaten in a while, and it was even longer since he'd seen a carcass with meat still on it left lying around.

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((Sorry I haven't replied yet! RL has cleared up a bit and the stress level could go back to normal. I plan to be active in RPs again))

The clouds of the sky mumbled to one another, quiet rolls of thunder creeping over the lands. Bluternte never quite liked thunder herself. She was a light sleeper, and thunder often woke her. She had no intention on napping today, though. Her mind was full of the past and she thought about the pack that fostered her as a pup. They made her tough, rough, and showed her how to survive. A gentle smile came over her muzzle at the thought of how grateful she was for them. However, her stern, intimidating glare came back quickly when she realized she was not alone.

The stocky female listened closely to the sounds around her. The woods were silent; no breeze or unusual animals today with the coming rain. But there was still someone lurking, speaking. "...what a perfect world you must live in..." she caught.

They were close. She wasn't worried, but she was curious, so she decided to follow the noise rather than creep away. "Your world won't be so perfect after you eat that old meat!" She chuckled "You'll probably regret it." Bluternte walked over to him and stood on the other side of the carcass. Her chest was puffed out, her legs bulky with muscles like that of a male. "Hm... you smell of blood, too. Not from... this thing, though" she waved at the aging carcass to dismiss it. "Coming back from a mission, no doubt?"

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