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Neara's Art Shop

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1Neara's Art Shop Empty Neara's Art Shop on Wed Mar 11, 2015 11:50 pm


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Status:  CLOSED

Welcome to my artshop for Soturies!

I plan to get into more painterly style so that is the style I want to do for these comms. They will be somewhat like this:

Neara's Art Shop Wrong_rain_dance_by_neara_works-d8lhzib
Neara's Art Shop Confectionery_gesture_by_neara_works-d8m9sf0
Neara's Art Shop Dd006d21d78eeda4f2b1cc6ad7c84439-d8xuadv
Neara's Art Shop F5725da7fe55d733a020fc8d5c736656-d91z5o6

$1 is 16 $CS, each store pet is 20 $CS ($1.25) so that is how I am valuing the pet pricing.

♦  12 WL pets
♦  +6 WL pets to add another soturie
♦  Other payment methods are avialable too.

Link to my CS:

Rules and Discretions:
♦ Orders will only be accepted through forum posts here!
♦ You must send payment along with your post
♦ Orders must have all reference images linked
♦ Ordering a gift is allowed
♦ Everything on the form must be filled out, even if the answer is No or N/A
♦ I will accept your payment after your order is done (if paying by pets)
♦ All finished art will be sent to you in a pm on this site!
♦ I do not keep image codes you must upload them to your photobucket, tinypic, imgur, etc. (I recommend imgur)
♦ I have the right to use your image as an example
♦ You have the right to alter the image for avatars, signatures, etc.
♦ Do not double post these to Deviantart UNLESS you are going to use it's image code, if you do, you must give all proper credits and link to my DA:

 Your CS Name:
Soturie Name:
Soturie Type:
Additions (not in ref):

1 tundra
2 emma
3 rohan
4 alistair
5 willow

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2Neara's Art Shop Empty Re: Neara's Art Shop on Wed Mar 11, 2015 11:58 pm


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Your CS Name: Tundra
Soturie Name: Freya and Xerxes
Soturie Type: Both are LongFur/LongArabianTail/Normal Ears
Pose/expression: a couples pic, perhaps. Just them near each other would be fine. Xer likes to give her flowers it seems, any type you feel. Freya is semi oblivious to Xerxes come ons, as she really isn't thinking along the lines of mate. So her expression probably would be confused.
Additions (not in ref): I want both to have their harnesses on.

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Neara's Art Shop Tundra2_by_neara_works-d8m9tpm
Art in signature done by the Lovely Neara/Quara User Icon done by me.

3Neara's Art Shop Empty Re: Neara's Art Shop on Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:11 am

Rukh ~ Asuna

Rukh ~ Asuna
Your CS Name: Emma-Chan
Soturie Name: Rukh and Valkyrie
Soturie Type: LF-LNT-NE and LF-SAT-LAE
Reference: and
Pose/expression: not sure on expression but shes usually always waking him up and butterflys scatter all around him (that usual land on him) or hes bringing her flowers and sticking them in her fur cause she (delicate) some say
Additions (not in ref): not that i can think of

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4Neara's Art Shop Empty Re: Neara's Art Shop on Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:12 am


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Your CS Name: Rohan.
Soturie Name: Zeto
Soturie Type: SF/LNT/NE
Reference: {Old Lines} {New Lines} I included the old lines because pen pressure butchered his tails markings on the new lines
Pose/expression: He's aggressive and cocky, so perhaps one of those may strike your imagination?
Additions (not in ref): Ahhh I have a sketch of his gear, but its unfinished. Perhaps ill try to finish it tomorrow and link it, but for now no additions.

Sending a trade of WL pets now. Thank you so much Nea!!

Neara's Art Shop 2hf840m
I own Zeto the High Guardian of Balius and Harlem the Vagabond/Scout.
If you need any help navigating the site, or have any questions, feel free to PM me here or on CS! (Im Rohan. there)

Thank you so much Nea/Quara(sig art) and Friskusis/Freja(avatar) for the epic art of Zet!!
Source for both: Avvie Sig

5Neara's Art Shop Empty Re: Neara's Art Shop on Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:58 am

Esme & Garrus

Esme & Garrus
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Your CS Name: Alistair Cousland
Soturie Name: Esme & Ly
Soturie Type: Esme; SF/LNT/NE | Ly; SF/LNT/NE
Reference: Esme | Ly
Pose/expression: Ly and Esmeralda are both trying to court each other, It would be interesting to see something played on that.
Additions: Esme has a red feather tucked behind her left ear and two silver earrings in the right ear.

Esme 's Personality; Esme is well known or her stubborn nature and tendencies to be impatient. It is often believed that she is just to stubborn to get killed. She has displayed a resilience that is surpassed by none. Surviving many close encounters with Felidea, coming out as victor in every case.
Esme can be rather short tempered and a bully, especially to those weaker and younger question his ways. However, Esme is no coward. Her willingness to venture into the heart of Felidae territory on a weekly basics is testament to that.
Esme not only has raw power but a talent to military strategy. Her tactical thinking allow her to see that, to keep the Felidae at bay, is to eradicate them weekly - instead of simply waiting for them to show up on Soturie borders.
Esme used to be a fervent follower of Xerxes, but in light of recent events, she had lost all loyalty to him. However, she is not un-loyal to the pack and the cause of the pack as a whole. One can not like someone, but still agree with them. Esme is able to put aside her feelings of distrust for the sake of the pack. Esme is very loyal to her cadets, it is believed that if she was to give her life for anyone, it would be her cadets.

Ly's Personality Ly's very dedicated to his role. He is immensely loyal and only wants what is best for the pack. Since he was never close with his family, he views the pack as his family wants to do all he can to keep them safe, and that means enforcing the rules and delving out punishment if need be. He doesn't really show much affection towards others other than slight concern for their well being. He's also fairly blunt but very calm and mellow. He will not pick a fight unless it is needed and he knows when to surrender or ask for help. He has a very strong sense of duty.

6Neara's Art Shop Empty Re: Neara's Art Shop on Thu Mar 12, 2015 9:52 am

Master Ly

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Your CS Name: -Willow
Soturie Name: Dusk
Soturie Type: short fur; short normal tail; long arabian ears
Reference: XxX
a simple standing pose; turned toward the right side of the screen(opposite the ref), muzzle down- somewhat like a skulking cat- with a serious expression and eyes normal to wide-eyed, like this His red eye should be the one shone, along with the marking that is around it. I'm looking for it to be more-so focused around the intensity of the look being given. I also want him to be looking out the corner of his eye, kind of like the photo above, as though looking over his shoulder almost. His tail should be down half-way between his legs.
Additions (not in ref):
-he is perfectly symmetrical, save for the mark that's on the right-side of his face/eyes
-his right horn is broken
-while he normally keeps his right eye closed, we are not worried about that here
-the color of the sclera in the red eye is the same color as his nose/pawpads
-the fade is supposed to be the same color as the darkest grey marking on his body

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7Neara's Art Shop Empty Re: Neara's Art Shop on Fri Mar 13, 2015 2:20 pm


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Neara's Art Shop Wrong_rain_dance_by_neara_works-d8lhzib

Nea Oh my God you fantastic person you. Im like drop jaw right now holyshit this is amazing! *saves this like 500 times*

8Neara's Art Shop Empty Re: Neara's Art Shop on Tue Mar 17, 2015 6:11 pm


For future reference; Is there any pet group from your WL on CS that you'd prefer (wolves/cats/horses etc.)? c:

9Neara's Art Shop Empty Re: Neara's Art Shop on Sat Mar 21, 2015 2:54 pm


Man, really wish I could have gotten to this faster XD This style is really nice, Neara! If you ever open this up again, I'll try to snag a slot.
Good luck doing all these pieces for everyone =3

Need help around the site? Ask me! I'm a Newbie Helper.
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10Neara's Art Shop Empty Re: Neara's Art Shop on Sat May 09, 2015 1:26 pm

Esme & Garrus

Esme & Garrus
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Hope to see this open again soon.

11Neara's Art Shop Empty Re: Neara's Art Shop on Thu Jun 18, 2015 7:53 pm


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Naw, probably won't, It's taking me forever to finish up the last 3

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