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Freja, Princess of the Past

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Freja, Princess of the Past Newsignature_copy_by_friskusis-d8mbv7j
Official reference sheet
Secondary/original reference sheet
Harness and weapon

Birthname: Freja

    Meaning: Named after the Norse goddess for love and fertility. She also took in half of the misfortunate souls that had fallen in battle, whilst the other half was sent to her husband Odin's palace. The original spelling for her name came from Freyja, which means mistress or madam ("frue"). Originally I was planning for her to be called Frøya (the spelling I learned when growing up), but I figured it'd be better to go with a different version considering the site is English.

Considering to ask for a name change due to the fact that there's currently two soturies with very similar names within Xerxes pack (same name origin). Freja is of the kind that'd detest having a name similar to another, so it's very likely I'll ask for permission for this later. We'll see.


Born female, feels like a female and acts like a lady.

20+? years

Age is to be determined. From what I understood the big fight between the felidae and Cinna's pack happened 20 years ago, which means she's definitely above 20 years by now. However, I'm unsure of what age she was upon the battle beginning.

Sarcastic | Honest/Blunt | Suspicious | Determined | Playful/energetic

Sarcastic until the sun sets, and further into the night. It's simply her way of showing her dismay. Not necessarily mean sarcasm at all points, she can also be teasing and playful with her sarcasm, but at times she can combine it with her short temper and her honest side, resulting in a cold and bitter tone, while she can also seem cheeky at other times. A neutral personality trait, in short. Can be both positive and negative depending on what mood she's in.

Honest/Blunt, a generally straight-forwards soturie. Her attitude towards others is that they deserve the truth, and only the truth. She doesn't like being lied to, and expects others to have the same idea of this as her. Whether they tel the truth or lie, she'll keep on saying everything her heart tells her, whether it be good or bad. She'd rather start off by telling a soturie straight out when she doesn't like them than prolong the painfully awkward silences and tension between herself and others. Therefore she may be seen as rude, especially since she has a thing for commenting the looks of others. Maybe to make herself feel better about herself, who knows.

Suspicious to others. Especially those whom she refers to as "peasants" or "pawns", her new packmembers. She has a hard time accepting that Xerxes is her new leader, and that her father has been demoted from her position. Thus she's extremely cautious when approached by these strange, new characters that she hasn't encountered before. Combined with her short temper and love for saying things straight into their faces, she's come to become a somewhat hated soturie.

Her suspicious attitude has lead to her being unable to feel loyal to anyone any longer, and thus relies mostly on herself. She is afraid of making the mistake of letting others decided what will become of her life, deathly afraid that she'll end up like her former, deceased packmembers due to this. Definitely one to watch if suspicions of a mutiny arises.

Determined and stubborn, both traits go hand in hand. She's headstrong and determined in what she does, and can definitely see herself as a leader. What stands in her way is her suspiciousness though, which makes her unable to trust others to a degree that a leader should. Even so she's determined to get a higher position eventually, or at least become someone that is well known in the pack.

Playful/energetic once you get to know her. It's seemingly tough for her to bring this forth in her new surroundings, but with the right amount of coaxing she can be teased out of her shell to show some traits from her past. It'll take more work from someone outside her original pack, however, as she is less likely to trust these with what she sees as "weakness" from her side.

Theme song
Everybody loves me, - One Republic (former)

A new theme song is being searched for to better fit her transition to the new pack.

Extras and fun-facts!
  • Has an enormous fear of "be-winged worms" (butterflies).
  • Second born female heir to Cinna, and thus never owned a second pair of horns.
  • etc.

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Freja, Princess of the Past 2i7q1jn
Application art from last year, by me. Sonu and Freja (3/3/14).

Freja, Princess of the Past Ws4iaf
Another piece of art done for her application 1 year ago (3/3/14).

Freja, Princess of the Past 2qlrj9v
Headshot (18/3/15)

Freja, Princess of the Past Disapprove_copy_by_friskusis-d8mkz1p
Not satisfied! (21/03/15)

Both signature and avatar made by me (as of 20/03/15)

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