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The New, The Old, and The Never Ending Arguments (Balius Patrol -- Zeto, Alyosha, Cinna, Ele, Harlem)

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Star Helpers
Star Helpers
[OG] - High Guardian of Balius - ♂ - Zeto - Owned by Rohan.
[OG] - Assassin - ♂ - Alyosha - Owned by Blueh
[LP] - Guardian - ♂ - Cinna - Owned by TheOakTree
[LP] - Guardian - ♂ - Eledora - Owned by Mortikat
[C] - Scout -  ♀ - Harlem - Owned by Rohan.

Please fill out a quick profile for the rest of us so we know what your characters are like before we start RPing. Thanks!!

[b]Name of Sotu:[/b]
[b]Feeling towards Merger/ New ranks:[/b]

Name of Sotu: Zeto
Personality: Sarcastic, Snide, Strategic in battle but tactless in conversation, Aggressive
Weapon/Gear: Sketch
Feeling towards Merger/ New ranks: He doesn't trust the old packs members, and the higher they used to be, the more aggressive and negative he is towards them. He rather likes to pick at their fall, and chide them on it.
Extras?: Sorry Cinna!

Name of Sotu: Harlem
Personality: Sly, Cunning, Wild, Will do anything to get her way.. So sorta a temptress
Weapon/Gear: Sort of like this
Feeling towards Merger/ New ranks: Indifferent. She is distant from the pack, not really caring in the politics involved in the merge.
Extras?: She was a vagabond for all her life until she skirted too closely to the prison, still not sure how, but she eventually escapes the prison and returns to her vagabond life until she catches the attention of a squad of the pack and joins the pack for help keeping away from the prison.


I own Zeto the High Guardian of Balius and Harlem the Vagabond/Scout.
If you need any help navigating the site, or have any questions, feel free to PM me here or on CS! (Im Rohan. there)

Thank you so much Nea/Quara(sig art) and Friskusis/Freja(avatar) for the epic art of Zet!!
Source for both: Avvie Sig


Star Helpers
Star Helpers
Name of Sotu: Eleadora
Personality: She's loud and boisterous, not afraid to speak her mind, bullheaded to a point, as well as hot headed.
Weapon/Gear: Her harnass and her hammer.
Feeling towards Merger/ New ranks: She feels as if she's more loyal to Cinna than Xerxes, but she'll listen...maybe.
Extras?: Nope :)


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