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A Lost and Shattered Soul; Haymitch the Ex Sub-Alpha

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A Lost and Shattered Soul; Haymitch the Ex Sub-Alpha Image

Name: Haymitch
Gender: Male
Age: 60
Rank: Vagabond
Parents: Unknown
Mate: Diandra - Deceased
Pups: Eleadora and Ly
Personality: Haymitch, over the years, has become the type of Soturie that no one wants to talk to. Most of the time, Cinna seems to find it hard to even speak with his brother. He's grumpy, and ill tempred. The one love he had in life was taken from him the night their pups were being born, and for that, he's always been different. He seems to have a eprmanent scowl affixed to his maw, and his hackles are easy to raise, no matter the situation. He doesn't like others, and has even drifted away from his own children so much that he just seems not to care anymore.
Haymitch is the brother to Cinna, and he was always a little foul tempered, even when young. Even when grown, the only Soturies who did not receive the lash of his tongue was his brother Cinna, and this fetching young female by the name of Diandra.
Hay was awkward in courting the brown pelted beauty, with leopard spots of blue splattered across her flanks. Eventually though, his strange and somewhat comical courting attempts succeded, and Diandra took to Haymitch as surely as the flowing river meets the ocean in time. The young couple started to become completely inseparable. Where one was, you would find the other without a doubt.
Soon, Diandra confided in her love that their trials had succeeded in an exciting way; Diandra was expecting pups! Haymitch started taking to being protective over the gentle and demure fae, mistrusting any who came near her and bringing her food, not wanting her to do anything at all for fear it might harm her or their unborn pups. He was so worried over his new family's well being.
This over protective behavior eventually led to Diandra yelling and arguing with Haymitch, and she stormed off in anger. Haymitch followed, dutifully watching after her as she blew off steam. However it seemed fate had a different plan that day, because she started to give birth, and they had no time to get back to the safety of the dens. They managed to find a small cave for shelter as a storm raged on outside, but it wasn't ideal by any means.
The pair was ambushed by a Felidae, and no matter how hard Haymitch tried, things went wrong. He returned to the pack, covered in blood, in shock, soaked and cold, carrying two newborn pups, his daughter and son. He left them to Ru to nurse, since Cinna's own pups were not that much older than his own.
As the years dragged by, Haymitch slowly drifted away from those he considered his pack. Knowing that he'd never see his beloved again had struck a certain chord in Haymitch's heart, a sorrow so deep and dark that in order to hide it, he had to push everyone away. That sorrow eventually took hold of him in a way that sorrow should never grab anyone. Haymitch, no matter where he is, with Cinna, Xerxes, or on his own, will always be alone and lost in his own body. He'll never feel at home again. Deep down, he sometimes longs for death; however he never really does anything about it. He doesn't do a whole lot of anything, really. He just doesn't have the want to do it.

A Lost and Shattered Soul; Haymitch the Ex Sub-Alpha Valksig1_by_anastasiabecorah-d8ihpqs

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