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Eleadora; The Fierce Yet Gentle Soul

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Name: Eleadora
Gender: Female
Age: 35 Years
Rank: Guardian of Balius
Parents: Haymitch and Diandra
Mate: None
Pups: None
Ele is a fiery gal. She's often times hard to get a hold of, having taken a liking to being loud and known. If Ele is within earshot, you'll definitely know it! Not only is she loud, but she is extremely excitable and often times in a good mood. She's often times been compared to a pup in that sense, however its not often as bad as others make it out to be. The one thing that makes her a little unapproachable, not counting her loud mouth, is her slight tendency to be just as hotheaded as her father. Ele always speaks her mind, regardless if her words will get her into trouble or not. She's not the type to keep any words, ill or favorable, to her about another.
My name is Eleadora, or Ele, as I prefer to be called. Our mother's name was Diandra, our father's is Haymitch.
My mother was about to suddenly give birth, far away from the pack. She could not return in time to birth us, so with the help of my father, she found a place they had deemed safe. I was the firstborn, taken to suckle my mother's teat before any other sibling had entered the world. The biggest, the strongest, the one with the advantage in life.
Shortly thereafter, my mother birthed me a sibling. My sibling was weaker and tinier than I was, frail from the beginning. I was expecting more siblings to join us, however that would not be the case. For as soon as the third pup began to be born, a Felidae came out of the shadows. It had smelt my mother giving birth and knew that it was an opportune time to attack.
My father has never given us the details, and all I know is that he fought as hard as he could to save my mother and our unborn siblings. In the end, he had to snatch us up and run away from the Demon, bleeding, his heart shattered to pieces.
In the end, Ly and I were raised together along with our cousins; Suckled at Ru's teats as we grew with her and Cinna's children. We always knew we were not Cinna and Ru's, always knew that our mother had left and never returned, but for what reason, we did not learn until we were older. Our father took as best care of us as he possibly could. His usually grumpy demeanor seemed to melt away and he would always have this happy, but yet slightly sad, smile as he gazed upon myself and Ly. His smile was especially sad when he looked upon me, for I looked almost exactly like our mother had.
Even with no mother to call our own and a distant father, Ly and I still grew to be integral members of the pack. I eventually rose through the ranks to become the High Guardian. Whether or not my father was proud of me, I had no idea. At this point in my life, my father was practically unapproachable by all but Cinna.
After the battle with the felidae, I continued on with my Uncle and Father to Xerxes' pack. I didn't like Xerxes much, but so long as he proved himself within an acceptable amount of time I would give him the benefit of the doubt.

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