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My Dear Cousin- Ly and Freja

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1 My Dear Cousin- Ly and Freja on Sat Mar 21, 2015 8:36 am

Master Ly

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Ly had settled well into the new pack, had even proved himself to the king enough to be promoted to a counsel member- Master of Scouts- though it felt rather odd being the youngest member. Other than the kind headmaster Shaw and the fiery Esme. The spotted female had been kind to him upon arrival; he was grateful for that. Now was time to see how his blood family were fairing with the pack doing okay now. His father had long-since left them, not that Ly cared any. He had never been close to his father or sister. Not like their cousins were.
"Hello, dear Freja." he murmured upon approaching his brown-furred cousin. His long tail carried just above the ground as he kept himself in a relatively relaxed posture. His voice held as it always had; flat, blunt and firm.

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Unlike her cousin, Freja had far from settled in well within the pack. Not only had she been given the hopeless task of being a scout, which she did not at all think fit her, but she had also found herself a name-sharer. More or less identical names, and her name's sudden lack of originality bothered her more than it probably should. The fae had become tiresome and bitter after arriving in the pack, something Zeto could definitely testify for.

These 'peasants' roaming the common-room were hardly of any interest for the former heir. She'd lost everything upon the loss against the Felidae, and she no longer felt any purpose to all of this. She detested their new packmates for walking over them like that, she felt little to no respect from any of them. Regardless, she had found peasants worthy of a chat, which was far more than she had expected when she first moved in here. Her yellow eyes stared blankly into the wall across the room, inspecting a particularly strange-looking boulder.

When Ly approached she snapped out of her attitude and gave him a half-hearted smile. At least it was good to know that some soturie in here still were on her side, some that she could even consider friends. Her cousin had always treated her well, and she could see no point in remaining frustrated and angry around him. "Hello, Ly. How's your job holding up?" she said, murmuring her question in a slightly heavy tone, considering she was now to be seen as a subordinate ranked under her cousin. She was but a normal scout, of no particular necessity.

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Master Ly

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He gently pressed his nose against her cheek. A gesture of comfort and support from the younger male. "Things are going as to be expected. Xerxes is as blind as a star-bat with his only concern being finding a queen. I simply wish he would listen; our packs are not comfortable and at constant tension. He should be working to try and calm that, but alas." he sighed, sitting next to her. Ly had always thought his cousins more siblings and family then he did his own father and sister; he was relatively greatful for that still. "I can tell you are at great unease; I found one of those fire flowers that used to grow so abundantly back home. I could show you it if you'd like. Perhaps a touch of home in this territory?" he suggested, trying to think of how he could help ease her did comfort.


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She appreciated his gesture of comfort, recalling how Ly always had been the most loyal and kind out of the bunch. All in all she enjoyed the male's company, especially if she was having a particularly sour day, like this day in which she'd found herself thinking actively about what she was supposed to do with her life within this new pack.

She nodded affirmatively when he mentioned how the king seemingly had his head stuck into an ant hill, with no regards to the rest of the pack. "You couldn't be more correct. Besides, I don't like this Freya he's head-over-tails for..." she said and wrinkled her nose. Her only true reason for disliking the fae was that she was more or less named exactly the same as herself, but that was an entirely other story. "If anything he would do well in uniting the two packs in an official welcome to get to know each other, but nada," she complained, sighing heavily.

At the mention of the fire flowers her ears pricked, the name bringing back heavy memories of her past. She looked at him with eyes round with gratefulness as she nodded vigorously. "Yes, definitely! I'd love to see them," she said, not mentioning that those flowers had always been her absolute favorite. She eagerly got to her paws and ruffled up her fur before looking at him. "Are we going immediately?" she asked, eagerly pawing the ground as if she'd just been given new life.

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