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I Dare You- Zeto and Ly

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1 I Dare You- Zeto and Ly on Sat Mar 21, 2015 8:38 am

Master Ly

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More and more of his time had been being spent with Esme as of late. Going off on hunts and over all just spending time with her. He had known that her elder brother, Zeto, had had an immediate distrust of the pack's joining. Ly had never truly cared; he knew there was gong to be distrust among the Soturies. He did as he could to keep peace and help to educate. Now the thin-framed male crunched on a small dart-mouse just to keep hunger at bay. He'd never really been a big eater. The golden-furred male expected to soon be approached by the darker male. It was simply a wait at this point.

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To say he distrusted the newly joined packmembers, was an understatement. Zeto flat just didnt like most of them. To him, he saw them as unloyal, undeserving, and from a few of their actions they seemed like spoilt pups. He felt a strong distaste for those especially that ranked high in the new pack. Zeto had fumed for weeks over Cinna being the leader of his squad, squandering his time by primping the squad to follow the old packs rules when that clearly wasnt how it was done here. He and Alyosha had appealed time and time again to Cinna, kindness beaming from Aly, Anger and distaste from Zeto, until Xerxes had eventually noticed the break in protocol. Or rather- thats what Zeto assumed had happened. He almost hoped that Cinna had been caught trying to rally forces to over throw Xerxes, and got caught. It would be a more amusing reason for the sudden resituation of the Balius squad, removing Cinna from the High guardian and replacing him with Zeto.

Even with the curiosity, Zeto wasnt going to question it. The movement had satisfied his want to be higher than the old leader, and even gave him the power over his brother, an amusing turn in events. However, Zeto still had eyes on the new pack members. Simply being in charge of their old leader didnt halt the fact that they could still betray the king. Nor the fact that his sister miight be courting one of the possible traitors himself.

Ly, was the traitor's name, and Zeto had spotted him leaving the ruins not long before Esme returned without company. Suspicious ebbed at the dark furred male until he finally decided to trace the Master of Scouts. With his jaw agape and drawing from his old scouting skills, he had traced Ly to a small clearing. Zeto watched for a short while before approaching, leaping down only feet from where the smaller male was crouched, gnawing on a dart mouse. "Hello, Ly" He greeted, a dark grin on his face.


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Master Ly

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Ly lifted his head, turning it to face the speaker. The wait had been shorter than he expected. "Greetings, Zeto." he murmured in his normal low rumble, "What can I do for you?" He did not get to his paws, able to tell this was not the kind of meeting that met his question fully. In stead he seemed to further relax. The golden male was the kind to give others the benefit of the doubt, keeping an open mind about the others, no matter what he heard them call h behind his back.


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