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Taming a Fallen Princess, or a Fallen Angel? [ Freja and Valkyrie ]

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Star Helpers
Star Helpers
The Master of Assassins had kept mostly to herself when it concerned the new members of the pack; Cinna's bunch, as she liked to think of them. True they were all under one leader now but it was obvious that a lot of them had strong loyalties to Cinna still. She couldn't blame them. Given the current situation, she felt like Cinna might just be a better ruler than Xerxes, but that was an opinion she kept to herself. The newcomers might respect her for it, but at the same time a lot of her own pack mates might shun her for it.

Valkyrie was walking through the dens, contemplating things when she came across a female she had heard was named Freja; Many of Xerxes' pack found her annoying, but Valkyrie would make that decision for herself. "You there!" she called out gruffly, starting to walk towards her.


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