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Days Like This... [Takeshi and Bluternte]

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1Days Like This... [Takeshi and Bluternte] Empty Days Like This... [Takeshi and Bluternte] on Sun Mar 22, 2015 12:33 pm


It was mostly an ordinary afternoon. Bluternte was trying to make plans for the next fight, but with the recent unpredictable tactics of the Felidae, plans were nearly impossible to form. She drew symbols in the dirt with her black and red claws. Puffs of dry dust whipped at her nose and turned her muzzle pastel brown when she gave up and swatted at the dirt, erasing everything she had just done.
"Worthless friggin' plans! I hate going into battle blind." She growled and flicked her tail in frustration. "It gives me a headache."

The brutish fae walked a few feet over to a shady tree. It was a hot afternoon, for sure. She plopped down on the yellow-green grass and let out a sigh. Her eyes looked as if she was glaring at something, but the only thing she was angry about was her own mind. She simply felt inferior to the enemy and their unpredictable strategies.

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Days Like This... [Takeshi and Bluternte] XscD8V8

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