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Live a little - Icarus

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1Live a little - Icarus  Empty Live a little - Icarus on Wed Apr 01, 2015 7:16 pm

Alyosha and Icarus

Alyosha and Icarus
Since Alyosha isn't really looking for a mate at the moment,, I figured I'd give Icarus a try.
Live a little - Icarus  DvU4KP2
Icarus | Male | Adult | From the Old Pack | Guardian

He doesn't have an official ref yet because oekaki does not work on my computer, so this is the closest to a ref that I have that shows his horns a everything (note: he does not actually sparkle B) ) But anyways, he's a bit of a spunky individual who has a knack for hunting when he's frustrated. He really loves history, especially being from the old pack but has no fondness for war or suffering. He absolutely loves snow and water and will usually deviate from any task that he'd been doing just to go and frolic around in it. He tries to act tough around others, but is a actually just a big baby underneath all his layers of fluff.

Live a little - Icarus  DvU4KP2

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