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Bluternte, Death's Little Helper

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1 Bluternte, Death's Little Helper on Sat Feb 28, 2015 7:40 pm



I am Bluternte, or Blood Harvest.
You may call me Blut.
Rukh tells me that my birth name in Omi. I suggest you avoid calling me that *snarl*

I am thickly build, unlike any female of the pack. My legs carry me far, as they are thick with muscle. I am not unusually tall or short compared to other Soturies. My intertwined horns are really the only thing that makes me look feminine, majestic like the innocent unicorn.
I may be a girl, but my punch is more powerful that that of a man's. I am strong, with average speed and a will that won't let me down.

(brutish) | (combative) | (protective) | (arrogant) | (enduring)
Trust me when I say, I'm proud to be a woman. But I'll tell you something, a female gains much more respect when she can be both elegant and powerful at the same time. Growing up without much of a family in my early years, I learned to stand up for myself. Now, I can't explain how I became so thickly built... could be my fur or the muscles I've built over time. Perhaps a combination, but I'd sooner go with the latter. I ensure no one takes advantage of me by using brute force on those narcissistic types who think they could outmatch me.
Don't think I'll back down without a fight easily. I'll admit, I don't normally engage in fights unless provoked... but you don't want to provoke me. What else could I say? I stand up for myself and for my friends! Your loss if you think you could get away with harming either *smirk*
Hey, now, you can't expect me to all tough and rough. I have a heart, too! When it comes to Rukh, or even close friends, you can expect me to be loyal until the end. Since it takes quite a bit of effort to gain my respect, I figured I'd make that effort worth something. Get on my good side and I'll remain there through the toughest times even when everyone else abandons you.
Now that the fluff is out of the way, let's talk about how I feel about myself. I'm strong, brave, have morals and will fight for them. I won't say I'm the best... but I'm probably the most powerful High Deputy there is! Oh... I was supposed to explain how I'm arrogant now? I think it explained itself...
I've told you about how I could land a good blow to an enemy when I need to. Now I'll tell you that I can take a beating along with that. I might act like a man, but I'm still a dainty girl in some aspects... fighting isn't one of them... but I'm still bested every now and again by a much stronger male. I'm still alive, aren't I? You could imagine some of those fights were brutal.

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Visit Rukh's story for family history!
In Red Fields
The day started out just as well as every other. The girl had more brothers and sisters than she could remember. Even as her brother, Rukh, reminds her of them all, she could not remember them all these years later. It only took an instant for this girl's history to be rewritten. Just a single, seemingly insignificant moment.
Omi... or as she's called now... Bluternte... was being her usual, energetic self. The day was amazingly bright and full of life. The sun shone white against the purest blue of the sky. Not a cloud ruined the image. The puppies were still unable to speak, they were so young, but their energy was unmistakably great.
WIP King of the Hill is distracting me *n*

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High Guardian of Xanthus

I deal with the most stubborn and some of the strongest Soturies there are. I take them into battle and command them, yet allow them to make decisions on their own if they are wise. It is my job to keep them alive by building their strength and confidence while still taking the front line in battle.
Sometimes my subordinates may be a handful, but with all honesty, it's worth it. Their firey attitudes only let them last longer in the battlefield. I just wish they'd keep those attitudes on the battlefield *shakes head*

I carry my Bastard Sword wherever I roam, on or off the battlefield. It is the difference between life and death, not just for me but for everyone I need to protect.

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Minor details

Accessories, likes and dislikes, etc.


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