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Old and new connections (OPEN)

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1Old and new connections (OPEN) Empty Old and new connections (OPEN) on Mon Mar 16, 2015 5:24 pm


A small RP for whoever wishes to join! Both old and new members can join. Jump in wherever. ^^


This pack was so... Strange, for lack of better words. Freja had never been strong with words, but man did she find these soturies weird. Ever since she'd gotten here they'd given her funny looks, perhaps it was because of her ruffled fur. She had shrugged it off for the time being, but still felt like the eyes of their new packmates were glued to the back of her neck. She was currently in the pack common room, the collective area for all soturies to gather. It was weird to have such a place as well, Cinna's pack had always just hung out. Perhaps these sotus had no social antennas and couldn't talk with each other outside their dens.

Freja tossed her head with irritation of her environment, not yet accustomed to the way things worked nor how this whole business was supposed to be run. This is ridiculous. Cinna ought to teach these weak peasants how to work properly, she thought with frustration, feeling like letting out a huge scream to voice her annoyance.

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