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"I find myself wanting something I've never wanted before." - Esme

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Esme & Garrus

Esme & Garrus
Star Helpers
Star Helpers
"I find myself wanting something I've never wanted before." - Esme 2dt5cub

Esme's Personality wrote:Esme is well known or her stubborn nature and tendencies to be impatient. It is often believed that she is just to stubborn to get killed. She has displayed a resilience that is surpassed by none. Surviving many close encounters with Felidea, coming out as victor in every case.
Esme can be rather short tempered and a bully, especially to those weaker and younger question his ways. However, Esme is no coward. Her willingness to venture into the heart of Felidae territory on a weekly basics is testament to that.
Esme not only has raw power but a talent to military strategy. Her tactical thinking allow her to see that, to keep the Felidae at bay, is to eradicate them weekly - instead of simply waiting for them to show up on Soturie borders.
Esme used to be a fervent follower of Xerxes, but in light of recent events, she had lost all loyalty to him. However, she is not un-loyal to the pack and the cause of the pack as a whole. One can not like someone, but still agree with them. Esme is able to put aside her feelings of distrust for the sake of the pack. Esme is very loyal to her cadets, it is believed that if she was to give her life for anyone, it would be her cadets.

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Master Ly

Star Helpers
Star Helpers
I offer up Ly as a sacrifice possibility.

"I find myself wanting something I've never wanted before." - Esme Image
Ly's very dedicated to his role. He is immensely loyal and only wants what is best for the pack. Since he was never close with his family, he views the pack as his family wants to do all he can to keep them safe, and that means enforcing the rules and delving out punishment if need be. He doesn't really show much affection towards others other than slight concern for their well being. He's also fairly blunt but very calm and mellow. He will not pick a fight unless it is needed and he knows when to surrender or ask for help. He has a very strong sense of duty.

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