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Spyros and Freja - "A Question of Loyalty?"

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1Spyros and Freja - "A Question of Loyalty?" Empty Spyros and Freja - "A Question of Loyalty?" on Tue May 19, 2015 3:29 pm


The uncertainty that wrecked the young fae's body made her eyes flick from side to side, her expression surely reading that of distrust and disgruntlement. She didn't trust a single one of these, why should she? They had never shown themselves as someone deserving enough to have the respect and loyalty from a soturie of her rank and finesse. Honestly, what were they doing in this hollow hole?

Freja was of the bitter kind. Not the kind that accepted and tried to live with what happened with them; she had always been used to having everything work in her favor. It was by far one of her biggest flaws, but one could not directly blame her for this attitude towards the new situation. She had grown up being treated like royalty, pillows being sown under her paws to lessen the stress on them. Prime training till perfection to ensure her ability to survive on her own. She had been isolated, and it was obvious. Frowning she tossed her head irritably at the soturies passing by, each and every one of them a seemingly new face. She hadn't bothered getting to learn any of their names yet, she had barely spoken with a few and only knew of Zeto and Ruhk, whom were both outsiders like her.

Looking up she spotted a familiar coat though, a gray male whom she thought she recognized from their old group... His name was... <b>"Spyros!"</b> the fae said out loud, perhaps a little louder than she'd been prepared for. She looked rather taken aback by her loud tone, and shrugged, hoping he would not react to the sudden outburst of his name.

Spyros & Nike

Spyros & Nike
(sorry for the late reply! It's Final Exam week xD)
Spyros was usually in a pretty stiff mood, but today he just felt bored. He didn't want to know all the new faces, it just wasn't something he cared to do. He was not loyal to them, or most sots to be completely honest. He still didn't quite take orders too well from them, but he tried because Gar told him it was best if he accepted it, and moved on. He was still wary and didn't trust anyone here, besides Garrus. Spy couldn't say he trusted his old pack but he did find himself much more loyal to them than Xerxes pack.

His ears were flicked back as the large, fluffy gray male walked through, he glanced at everyone to see who he knew as he thought of his old pack. He heard his name called loudly and his ears perked as his head swung around to the soturie that said it. It was the princess, or well ex-princess, Freja. He nodded his head respectfully at her and approached. He didn't know her rank now but figured she was still above him and he still treated her with the same gestures and respect as he did when she was a princess. "Yes?" He rumbled out, flicking his tail.

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